Monday, April 28, 2008

My Son My Teacher

At 41, I am continually learning to play again and my son is the best teacher I have. 
My energy directly impacts E. Crabby. Happy. Allowing. Creative. He soaks it all in. And he gives it right back too.

What am I allowing E to do or what am I willing to facilitate? When given the chance he'll run with an idea as long as it feels good to him and he will keep generating more ideas along the way. As an adult, I continue to struggle with "having fun", "just letting go" ... "being free", yet I have made leaps and bounds since Sept 14, 2007 - the day I left my paying "job". 

I believe I have encouraged my son's creative energy to flow where it must. For this opportunity to watch E in action, I am incredibly grateful. How else would I have learned so much about us? To be here in this moment is one that will never be wasted.

Well -- time for me to go ... a small person with red hair and bright brown eyes is requesting that I sing him a song while he eats his macaroni. "K-k-k - Katie, beautiful lady. You're the o-o-o-only one that I adore ..." (An old tune that my Grandpa used to sing to my sister and me). To be a mother. So appreciated and adored at times when you wonder WHY?

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