Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coats of Many Colors

It's about layers and layers and letting go ... right here, it's early as far as layers go.
It's never to late too get dirty or wash your hands.
And certainly, it's too soon to "be done". My family was wondering why I covered this up. "Oh, it's not ready yet!" Like meditation and trying not to let your mind wander and think, I try not to feel the pressure to finish or produce a final. If I go there, my freedom is totally cut off.

I Heart Felt

I bought the mittens from this fabulous artist who made my purse that I love so much. Three years later, my hubby scooped up the iPad cover, not knowing that he was purchasing from the same creative and wonderful knitter/felter. Anyway, I'm always looking at the iPad cover and enjoying it like a view. The colors are so rich and fun. The contrast of a completely new factory-produced technology living in a completely old-world hand made wool shell is also thrilling. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Lovely Abstraction

I see little paintings in the palettes.

But, I see bigger things in the paintings themselves. I am in love. Officially cannot stop thinking about abstract painting, yes, just like when you meet that special someone.

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