Saturday, October 9, 2010

Marketing It to Mill City Museum Farmer's Market

This morning's trip to the Mill City Farmer's Market was so much fun! I've been wanting to go for weeks and we finally made it, thanks to great weather and a little marketing, or what I like to call creative parenting. So, it's hard to go anywhere on Saturday or Sunday because E has such a fun time in our yard. He cannot think of anywhere he likes better! (Really!) I know that's awesome and ideal, but sometimes his parents have fun things they want to do too. "Hey, want to go down by the Mississppi River tomorrow and dig for fossils in the limestone!" Fortunately the river is right across the street from the market.

Here's the awesome fossil E managed to chip out of a big old rock. Yes, he did actually bring a backpack full of paleontologist tools. We trekked down a big hill to get here with my basket of veggies in tow.

The root veggies were plentiful. Lots of organic and naturally grown choices. It was a good work out to lug the basket full of local goods, and of course I fell in love ...

with this felted shoulder bag. It was the perfect way to squeeze more in, for a total pack mule experience up and down the hill and for a long walk. A couple of bakery items, a pound of coffee and the t-shirt that was making me too hot fit well. The eventual empty water container lightened the load too.

As I write, I am snacking on sweet carrots, radishes, yellow pepper, honeycrisp apples and finally a rhubarb bar. The guys are taking turns wrangling leaves around the front yard with the leaf blower! ... and I'm thinking of fall soup for supper ...  better get outside and make some vitamin D.

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