Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fun for Under $5

Last summer I bought my herbs late - but this year I vowed to get my herbs early ... like a good-earth-loving-together sort of stay-at-home mama with a planner! My grocery store was selling herbs from the not too-far suburb of Prairieville. Love to support the locals, don't ya know. Well, I had so much fun with the basil that I had to get cilantro. We have had fish with HERBS three times this week (and I am talking fresh fish - no exploding microwave fish sticks), fresh organic cole slaw (a friend I used to work with drove me up the wall by calling it COLD slaw in a nasal voice - hello!) with HERBS three times this week and of course organic omega-3 enriched eggs with HERBS. The brilliant green hue of these plants just cuts straight to my passion for color each time I see them. My verdant babies sleep inside at night and are invited onto the warm and sunny front step each a.m. By the way ... letting the herbs in and out is as close as I plan to owning a pet this year, unless it is a ChiaPet.

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Karen said...

Smart you with the herb plants already! I will be next.

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