Sunday, May 11, 2008


i was tagged by Inspirasana 

i am: wanting things my way
i think: i should be sleeping
i know: that i long to write
i have: it all
i wish: for shhhhh!!!
i hate: intolerance
i miss: talking to Gram
i fear: silverfish*
i feel: excited 
i hear: my son sleeping
i smell: cold wetness of rainy night
i crave: homemade raspberry blueberry 
preserves on good toasted wheat bread with butter
i search: for answers
i wonder: why?
i regret: very little
i love: my son
i ache: in my shoulders
i care: about not killing insects more than i used to
i always: want chocolate or really really good coffee 
with half and half
i am not: so serious 
i believe: in food
i dance: to make my husband laugh
i sing: but cannot remember the words 
i cry: when i don't get my way
i don't always: put my shoes away
i fight: very rarely anymore
i write: to be me
i win: according to me
i lose: things all the time

*a wingless, silver-gray thysanuran insect, 
Lepisma saccharina - KILL THESE!!

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