Friday, May 30, 2008

New to Blogging?

Welcome. Here are a few things to know about this blog. First of all, it's way fun. Play Daze is my creation. I write and you get to read. I thank you for being here. Some blogs have multiple writers -- but I didn't set Play Daze up that way. I also made up this blog's title and the URL -

How can you comment? I have had this question come by more than once. Look at the bottom of each article for the word "comments". Click there and key in your comment. Ahead of doing so you'll need a Google Account. Simply go to this link and it will walk you through the steps. 

What is a Google account? A "Google account" is a way for you to choose and set-up a screen name, user name and password. This way your comments won't appear with your own name. No one can change them either. A screen name can be likened to a "handle". My screen name for instance, is SAS. I choose to be an anonymous mother living in the Midwest, but you can use whatever name you want. No mention of anything else about you is required. The account enables you to comment on this blog or any that is hosted by Google. Google is the name of the company that drives most of the search engine business in the world and owns the site where this blog lives.

I could make things easier for you and open my blog to all comments - meaning "no Google account" needed. However, I like to be able to see the comments before they are posted. This enables me to make sure everyone's privacy is kept and keeps all comments nice. I appreciate all comments. Thanks for taking the time to read this information!!

Don't know what a "handle" is? Well, listen to this song, Convoy, originally by C.W. McCall and you'll figure it out.


Karen said...

That picture is fabulous!

Karen said...

you are tagged! Visit my blog to find out more!

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