Friday, May 23, 2008

The Rash

Treat yourself kindly when you fall. 
Accept the moment for it's what you have.
Wear it if you must.

Like a vine, it's crept to my outside skin, 
my largest organ for all the world to see.
It's clinging to my face and neck, calling out,
love me, take care of me. 

The sun did not take it away. 
It baked the stress into my skin and body.
Nettles, cilantro, mint, ghee -- 
and honey all slathered 
to soothe this pain.

I went to bed young and I awakened older
and wiser. I thought it was the lines of sleep, 
but there's no snapping back. 
Dry old leaves and heavy 
thick patches of skin.

I am afraid to wash away the honey. 
What if it doesn't work?
No one will treat me less kind.
No one will love me less. 
But I will know.

Are the scars of pain and the road to healing one in
the same?


Karen said...

WOW - Did you write that?

sas said...

Yes'm Miss Karen.

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