Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grandpa on My Mind: Father's Day

I asked my son what he loved about Daddy. 
"He puts worms on my hooks," he said. 
The simple attention of a parent is what he 
likes the most. And this reminded me of my

I didn't grow up with a father in my life. So 
Grandpa was everything to me and my 

Grandpa caught candy from behind my 
ears so many times. A Charleston
Chew, Neccos, Mounds bars,
Big Daddy gum and Sweetarts.
"Well hello Miss America," he greeted us.
He played Monopoly with me.
Are you hungry? How about a hamburger?
Always two from McDonald's.
He took me school clothes shopping sometimes
or let me pick out a special birthday outfit.

He always brought us a special little present 
when he traveled.
He said I could have some office supplies from the 
closet at his office. Yellow legal pads, red
pencils and blue Bic ballpoints pens.
He happily talked to me when I called 
him at work. His secretary put me right 

He bought us really good snacks to have
while visiting him. Totino's pizza and
chocolate milk. Chocodiles and crazy ice-cream 
flavors. He always liked blueberry
and maple nut. We liked chocolate.
He laughed hard when we watched Benny Hill
with him or the movie Airplane.

Grandpa took my sister and I to Hawaii when 
I graduated from high school - he said 
he loved it so much, he wanted us to visit too.
He called both of us "sis" sometimes.
Grandpa drove us to primary every Tuesday.
He introduced me to Frosty's.

He laughed a lot and talked with me.
He didn't say bad things about others.
Grandpa said 'I love you' and gave us hugs.

Grandpa loved to vacuum and I liked
to tease him about that.
He loved sweets as much as I did. 
Grandpa brought us large boxes of Sunkist 
oranges often and I ate many at a time.

My Grandpa.

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