Monday, June 30, 2008

Making Room for Creativity

This a.m. I tried a writing exercise called Morning Pages from Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way. Easy and fun. Moreover, extremely effective. Cameron contends that by turning this simple writing exercise into a morning ritual that you can move whatever blocks your creativity. This is not just for writers either. In fact, she says writers tend to be more critical of their own writing and might resist the exercise more than a non-writer. 

While doing the exercise, I was quickly reminded that journaling has always been a great way to work through anything in my life, but had never considered it a way to open the door for creativity. Try the Morning Pages exercise and you'll be amazed! I was delighted and freed. During my morning walk, I was actually able to think about fun things instead of working through the clutter I tend to collect.

Rules as paraphrased by SAS:

1. Write three pages by hand on 8.5 x 11 paper each a.m.
2. Don't look at what you wrote the day before.
3. Be free with thoughts - anything counts.
4. Do it every day.
5. No one else is allowed to read it.

My thanks to friend Karen at Inspirasana for recommending this book.


Bill Reichart said...

Also, as you aspire for creativity, put aside perfection.

Karen said...

You are so welcome!

khilbrecht said...

I actually bought Julia Cameron's book and WORKBOOK 'bout a year ago! Go figure! I loved the exercises. Couldn't hang with the rhythm, though.

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