Thursday, June 12, 2008

There's A Frog in the House

E officially is the proud 5-year old owner of his first purchased pet. Wooly the caterpillar has to count as the first pet, of course. Then there was Wooly II, who was released into our yard after a 3-week tour inside. Real tears were shed with the loss of each.

The frog habitat birthday gift from friend Jennifer pushed me to investigate a critter to put inside of it. After frequent demands about getting a pet -- and my request, "Please, can we put this aside for a few days so I can think about it?" I decided that we could at least look at some frogs. Well, we ended up with a 2.5 gallon plastic fish bowl and a square of screen snapped tight over its opening - plus an American Green Tree Frog. 

His name is Froggy! And E named him so because of the Froggy series of kid's books. (Yes, I do recommend this series written by Johnathan London). I am just as excited about the whole thing as E. His love of animals has been evident from a very young age and continues to grow. It thrills me to set him up with a pet that will grow with his boyhood adventures. Besides, I really like this little frog.

As I write this blog entry, I have been summoned several times to look at what the frog is doing. He appears to be very happy in his Coco Soft bedding. 

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