Sunday, July 20, 2008

Butterflies in My Stomach

After our long on-foot journey around the trails at the Minnesota Zoo we stopped at one last place -- the butterfly gardens. Few things have given me the inspiration to pull out my watercolors and paint again. But the butterflies did it! What's so perfect is that I have photos like these to look at! I haven't been excited about painting for so long. Did someone finally slip the magic "now you have a subject - no more excuses" potion into my protein drink? I do feel a bit floaty.

There I stood only last week at a small-town county history museum. I couldn't miss the group that was milling about the gift shop and among the exhibits. Most were decked out in safari outfits - fully rigged with binoculars, nets, compases and ye ole' butterfly field guide. My specific thought was, "Butterflyers are too geeky and wierd for me!" I'm pretty sure I must have been staring and crossing my arms at the same time. 

And so it goes, with equal marvel I'm ready to capture my first butterfly with brushstrokes.

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Joe said...

Those are Zebra Longwings. They are the state butterfly of Florida. Butterflies ca be difficult to photo!

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