Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Coffee Stained Fishing

I sip my warm coffee and cream while gracefully boarding the 16' Lund fishing boat - my French press in tow. I zoom across Lake Osakis with splashes of cold water hitting my back. The clouds open for the hot sun. My face is sheltered by a trusty floppy brimmed hat strapped under my chin. Looking around the lake as if I have never seen it before, I breathe in blue, green and shimmering light. My sips are silent against the churning waves. Drinking coffee and eating homemade ginger molasses cookies is better than catching fish. Peace. Coffee. Cookies. Waves. Fish. Outside. Sun. Boating. Morning. Fresh.

Check out my favorite coffee from Vashon, WA, order over the internet. (Guatemalan Reserve mmm!)

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Karen said...

I feel like I'm there with you - Heaven :-)

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