Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scones Glorious Scones

Last week I whipped up a batch of scones with my handy pastry blender - one of my favorite kitchen tools. I used this recipe from Chocolate & Zucchini and of course, made a few changes. I substituted whole wheat flour for half of the white flour and used vanilla yogurt instead of the plain. Also, I skipped the sugar and mashed in a ripened banana half. I also had to bake the scones for longer than the recipe had mentioned. The results are some of the best scones I've ever tasted. Deep flavor. Dense, yet light and flakey. I sold them to my 5-year old son as "chocolate chip breakfast bread" ... so that he wouldn't hesitate to try one. "Mmm" he mumbled between bites. Oh yeah, the recipe from C & Z doesn't call for chocolate chips either. Chef Clotilde says to add whatever seasoning you like -- and I love chocolate. Nothing like pain au chocolat -- I mean a scone with chocolate chips. 

Here's another scone recipe that looks oh so good -- especially since I've got raspberries waiting to be picked.


Karen said...


Love the painting outside picture too!

Joe said...

Looks yummy! I usually change recipes to make them work for me.

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