Friday, September 19, 2008

Tomatoes Still Coming!

More tomatoes! I've patiently waited for these to ripen on the vine, although I was very skeptical. Would the weather be warm and sunny enough to ripen these big boys? Yes. It's the perfect fall day in Minneapolis and I can't wait to get back outside. It's been so worth it to plant my tomatoes in varied locations amid different soil conditions. Which would grow a better crop? Clay wins again for producing some of the best tomatoes. Of course it's my special clay recipe; mix with black top soil, mushroom compost and mulch - water and sun. What a surprise that my spot with the darkest soil and the most sun has yielded the least fruit so far. I better go now ... outside awaits. More canning tales to follow. (Kerr Canning Booklet, circa 1964)

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