Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Break

E's been out of school for the last two days. It seems so long ago that he started kindergarten, yet it's only been six weeks. Quickly enough I was reminded what it felt like to be at home all day with my son. A nice relaxing feeling followed by bursts of energy that are needed all day long to care for an active young mind and body. Yesterday, his "girlfriend" J came over. Of course, J didn't like my homemade mac-n-cheese because it wasn't "orange". E, however, loves it! I relished making it for the kids too. They built a house outside with sticks, yarn, tape and screws and then came inside for some warm food. E will be heading back to school on Weds, two more days at home. 


Joe said...

Homemade is way better! I like to add spicy cheese and garlic to my concoction.

Karen said...

Yum. I'll take a big bowl please. (Do you think there will be enough for a second helping?)

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