Friday, October 17, 2008

Gale Woods Farm Fall Day

If you are a five-year old, jumping across the hay bale maze is the best. I considered it, but felt that I would injure myself! E has done this for his third year in-a-row. I remember when I had to hold his hand and make sure he wouldn't plunge to the ground 5-feet below. Now he flies!
I have totally fallen in love with Jasper the calf. He is the most sweet docile creature. I could have stayed with him all day. His head was actually resting on my arm and it was heavy.
The sheep dog trials were totally relaxing. Next year we want to bring a pot of coffee and some lawn chairs. This is really fun to watch. The dog has 20 minutes to drive the sheep through the hilly course.
We all got to pick out our own pumpkin.
The turkeys are growing up quickly. Last time I saw them they were about half this size.


Joe said...

We definitely do not see stuff like this in Palm Beach County!

Karen said...

FUN! And what a beautiful day for it. I love the picture with E's tummy!

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