Monday, December 29, 2008


I don't really know anything about Wesley Kilmer and his work, but when I bumped into his painting at the Weisman last weekend, I stopped dead in my tracks. Normally this large canvas would not be something of interest. However, I've been really sick lately, that is sick, for me. I have had this bad cold and respiratory cough sinus thing going on and I have felt alive, but not living, connected or caring about much. I've stayed indoors. It's been hard to think and difficult to hear. Sleep came easy, but with strange dreams. I became deeply angered during this time too, which is not status quo for me. Something snapped when Christmas plans changed due to a cancelled visit with my nephew (!!no fault of his!!). 

This painting honestly captured how I'd been feeling. I'd never considered a work of art in this manner. I know there is a need for art therapy in the world today, and psychologists, in search of insight, continue to riddle their subjects with ink blots. The fact that I could link this Kilmer to a self-portrait is admittedly disturbing, but was somewhat comforting too. Is this really how I am feeling? No wonder I'm a mess! Anyway, it served as some inspiration to take a deeper look into healing, because I don't want to look like this any more. I was hoping the artist wasn't really feeling like me, either. Oranges, grapefruit, water, tea, vegetable soup, rest and mental relaxation have helped .. and a good dose of Brothers & Sisters too. Art heals (and so does writing!), even if you don't want to see what you really look like.

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Dancing B*a*g Lady said...

Interesting painting. It looks like something festering inside. It makes me think of the Green Mile when he draws the bad out of others.

Hi, found you on 29 day challenge as I was checking out everyone there from Minnesota.

Hi, from Red Wing MN.

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