Saturday, February 14, 2009

Responsible Hair

Ever think about the buckets of water you use every day? How about the amount needed to wash your hair? Try this. Wash your hair in the bath tub, but stop the drain and save the water. OR, simply use the shower, stop the drain and wash only your hair. How much water did you use? Would you give up washing your hair daily to save some water? What if we all tried this? How would saving water impact the planet? 

I wash my hair almost daily because I think I need to look "nice". Water is not unlimited. Water is not a renewable resource. What if corporate America supported the idea of bedheads at work? What if we imported clean water to those who didn't have any? What if your friend pointed at your hair and called you a grease ball? I am seriously considering washing my hair less. In fact, if I grew it out a bit longer, it could be easier to avoid the wash. 

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