Friday, March 6, 2009

Sheez Talkin' Bout Herself

I took this posting on as a challenge from Laura over at Muselan because she **always** has good ideas that help me! (Yep, always) The answers may be spontaneous tonight, as I write them, but have certainly evolved over the last week. 

1. I love my natural color hair color, but it's been fun to experiment with some highlights!
2. I love my very good taste and FUN in all things that require a composition of; words, colors, belongings, ingredients, textures, words and images working together or diplomacy.
3. I love that I am normally operating on my own wavelength.
4. I love that I appreciate small accomplishments.
5. I love that I enjoy being outside, esp on farms!
6. I love that I will own my own calf (bovine) some day.
7. I love that I am totally opinionated in my own good damn way.
8. I love new friends!
9. I love that I love wheat and chocolate and love loving to use these ingredients when I deem that there is no sense wasting a craving on something that is not absolutely the best.
10. I love that I eat bad food at times, but can forgive myself and move on.
11. OMGosh ... I love that I cannot stop writing what I love, but I'm going to stop...!!!
12. I love that I can make others laugh by just being me or saying what is there.
13. I love that I can be the philosopher Queen at any moment and with great intensity!

Stop me please!!!

P.S. I love talking about myself!

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