Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Misato Solo

Here is the only misato rose radish that actually made it to an edible size. The flowers are from the radish plant too. So, about fifty misato rose radish plants grew to 30" tall in my garden -- which is pretty gigantic as far as radishes go. The stems were unbreakably thick with large dark leaves, flowers asprouting. The radish bulbs were very small, in fact, smaller than my pinky finger. I bet the spurts of cool weather mixed with hot weather caused the plants to shoot, and the roots to barely take hold. Extreme weather leads to extreme plants? Oh well! This sole radish was worth the experience and definitely a triumphant beauty!!!

A radishy side note:
(Most of the web sites that are showing a misato rose radish appear to be incorrect! Mine is white on outside, red layer inside, white again, with red center -- and they were from Seeds of Change.)

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@MuseKaren said...

Beautiful radish. And thanks for the radish info.

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