Friday, October 2, 2009

How Does Your Day Sound?

Listening to my son play
on a Friday night, alone,
in our family room, is amazing.

What is he doing? Playing doctor. What is he saying? Someone needs help. What does he imagine? His voice is alive. Like me, he is delighted to be in his own space, with his own toys.

As I listen, I'm aware that hearing his play fills me with smiles. My day is full of different sounds, the keyboard of a fast typist, the important VIP loudly rushing by on her cell phone, laughter from across the room, the wind against my car, the hum of lunchtime in the cafeteria.

One of my favorite parts of the morning is driving E to school. What he says, what he asks, what he wants to talk about and the songs he asks me to play ("Please don't sing Mom"). The silence when he leaves is my alone time.

What pleases your ear? Are sounds impacting your day in the best way possible? What sounds do you need more of? Now that I am aware, I'm going to see what I can do to bring more positive sound into my  days away from home.

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Great post - great reminder to stop and pay attention to the things around us.

I hear...

...the sound of my lettuce on the sandwich crunch with each bite.

...the sound of my phone buzz to let me know someone is thinking of me.

...the sound of my thoughts, to let me know I'm still alive and thinking :)

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