Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello Valentine's Day!

I'm ready to have a great day and you're not even here yet. What a fun weekend I've had buying little presents for my family and actually having a real date with my husband. We had a lovely meal and then ended up in the bookstore. Romantic? Well, if you consider the bookstore is the location of our first time going out with each other, I would say "YES". Sometimes just getting to be yourself in a time frame that is unrushed and in a mutually inspiring setting, without being right next to each other is romantic.

Tonight I made a delicious homemade caesar salad dressing tossed with romaine, of course. I tried a new flourless and almost butterless chocolate souffle recipe, which was too large of a serving much for me - never thought I'd say that! I only had three ramekins, but the recipe called for four. Next time I'd like to add a little vanilla and heap them with whipped cream or fresh sliced strawberries. I also served broiled grass fed beef steaks with roasted garlic. Wow.

A surprise treat bag is waiting for "J" on the front door. He'll see it as he heads out the door early in the a.m. Yes, a romantic card, chocolate, Caribou coffee gift card, a bag of trail mix and some bath salts ... sure thing, it's all packed with a big kiss.

I'm off to wrap some presents for "E" on my very clean and organized art table and I am so excited. I love to wrap.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


@MuseKaren said...

What a great weekend and that dinner sounds delicious! VD gift = very sweet and romantic. Happy Valentine's Day my friend ♥

SAS said...

Wishing my dear friend a DELICIOUS vd too!

FP said...

Very interesting, well-organized blog to which I want to return.
Best wishes

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