Saturday, February 2, 2013

Je Pleure Non Plus

(36" x 24")
(12" x 12" the right side is slightly cut off)
Both of these paintings have morphed from the ones shown last week into the ones posted right here (works in progress).  This week, a record setting seven hours of painting in a row. My class was three hours and I stayed after for open studio. I cranked the classical music. Me, my work, and alone in the beautiful studio with floor to ceiling windows that face the woods. It was one of those fresh snow days where the velvet black trees pop against the bright gray sky. At home, I spent the evening looking at other artists' work and am enthralled by Melinda Stickney-Gibson's existence. Today I was so happy and emotionally solid. I also knew that I needed to rest, not in the sense of being still, but more of a break from the heavy flow of emotions that were cursing through me while painting. 

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