Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Old House

When I saw this photo it took me back to a time when my husband and I were dating. We visited a store in Minneapolis called Architectural Antiques. It was an amazing time together because we were both discovering why we were so drawn to each other. Both of us mulled around on our own and then brought each other back to the precious objects of interest. Old hinges, door knobs, garden gates, doors, sinks, and tile. The tile in particular was completely interesting. The salesperson told us that most of it was ripped out of a couple of Victorian homes in San Francisco. That day, and after, we talked a lot about how it could be used in our future home.

For my birthday, celebrated about three months after that day, I received a beautiful single tile that I immediately recognized. Today it sits next to my stove and I use it all the time. The store is gone and so, obviously is the house where it lived. For me, the tile is a portal to our past and a reminder of the dreams we continue to share. 

This entry is dedicated to my very dear husband as we near our sixth anniversary.
Photo credit: KT

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