Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grammy Love

I wish my Gram was a princess in a castle with a spell cast over her instead of lying in a hospital bed sleeping. How can I tell her how much I love her when I literally cannot get to her? She is connected to this world by little right now. A shred of consciousness exists. Thankfully the internet gives me access to the latest information which is from my Aunt, her daughter and caregiver of the last three years. 

Gram, 94-years, is nearly blind and deaf nowadays. I wondered if I could make her a collage and get it to her some how. Could she feel the letters of "LOVE YOU" rising off the paper? When I spelled this out many ways yesterday, I had been thinking of her all morning and touching things that she had given me. I was with her. So, Gram, if you are out there - can you read my message in a bottle? Can you see the seashells that spell out your name across the beach? Can you see the clouds that are in a heart formation outside your window? Good night and Sweet Dreams (as she used to say to me). You are my Sleeping Beauty. Je t'aime toujours. ~Bun

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