Friday, July 25, 2008

Beautiful "Poppy"

... left us this week as a wonderful dog and friend to my Aunt (and others) for 17 years (94 dog years). She was simply worn out. I know my Aunt and her household full of friends will miss Miss Poppy dearly and I am sorry their hearts will ache. I do know there are a lot of memories that will bring many smiles and warmth to them all. 

My son and I have loved getting to know Poppy through photos, cards, and stories. And when I did get to actually be with her, sweetness shined. Because of Poppy, I have grown to love any whippet that walks by on our busy dog-walking street. None has been dressed as well as Poppyseed though. I only wish I too could have played with her on the beach. Poppy, please drop me a bone from heaven next time you see me at the beach. I promise to toss it back to you. Thanks for all the happiness you brought to this world.

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