Thursday, July 24, 2008

Talkin' Basil

Here I go again, walking out my front door for some basil from one of three verdant beauties. Basil is good in almost anything! Here I've made a simple pesto whose recipe originated from my CSA newsletter. Another easy way to use basil is in cole slaw or as a marinade ingredient. Slice yellow squash and zucchini lengthwise into 1/4"-pieces. Place them in a large bowl and add heaps of chopped basil and enough olive oil to coat each piece of squash. Toss. Let it soak for a bit and then grill.

This summer I've also discovered two interesting local-Minneapolis basil products. Check out Mrs. Meyer's Basil Dish Soap. It's a very soft scent for dishwashing. As you know, I do all my dishes by hand. Another skin-loving product, is Basil Lavender soap from Golden Sage. Use in the bath or at the hand-sink. Both companies produce many splendid products with good ingredients.

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splatgirl said...

Hey! So glad you tracked me down, as I had been meaning to do the same with you!

Pesto, or anything basil for that matter= YUM. I give the basil leaves a quick blanch before pesto-iyfing them with the nuts (as with the cookies, always, always toasted first). It makes it stay green no matter how long you keep it and seems to really pump up the flavor.

Cheers, and hurrah for CSA!

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