Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Than Fair Fries

I can hardly call this blog "Play Daze Minnesota" without mentioning the Minnesota State Fair. Our vehicle pulled into the 
$9-fair parking lot about 7:50 am, nice-n-early. We hit the animal barns and a 4-H calf & yearling show first, and after, slowly made our way to the Fresh French Fries stand. 

Who can resist a bucket of these tasty fried-in-peanut oil, light and crispy spuds? As always, ketchup on the side please, salt and lots of napkins. I noticed the price jumped way up? Some one back me up here. That said, the 32-ounce size was enough for me and with a few to spare. These taters have kept me coming back decade after decade. In fact, the Fresh French Fries stand has been part of the fair since 1972 - which equates to "as long as I can remember."

P.S. My friend at Inspirasana tells me that there is now a Garlic French Fries stand. Okay, that is definitely something I need to try.

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Karen said...

I'm going again tomorrow and will be eating more Garlic Fries. My taste buds and tummy are so looking forward to it.

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