Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Good Earth

Today I will be blanching tomatoes. Later in the week I'll be learning the art of canning from my mother-in-law, Arlene. It will be something to learn this survival craft of yesteryear from someone who has fed her family from her own garden for years. From someone whose mother raised her in the same tradition. From someone who grew up on a real Southern Minnesota farm during the depression.

I thought everyone had a relative who "canned" but I don't really know. My CSA farmer claims most folks don't know what canning is or think it's something someone's grandma did a long time ago. Earlier today I had visions of a much larger garden and living off of "canned" and "frozen" food from my own little patch of earth. I momentarily considered ordering extra veggies from my CSA to process in my kitchen for the long winter. Eating locally totally inspires me. It makes so much sense. Good old common sense, like good old canned tomatoes for a winter soup or a pan of Goulash. What can be better? ... Now to build a summer kitchen.

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Tim said...

I don't know how to can foods myself, but my old neighbours did. They were an Italian couple who would can their tomato surplus back in Italy -- I guess it has become a rather old fashioned thing (but no less useful).

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