Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coffee Nirvana

I've sipped it all, local, chain, organic, fair trade, even bad Folger's crystals, but this is my all-time favorite COFFEE. When my sister recently embarked on a visit to her homeland (Minn-E-SODAH) she stuffed her small carry-on suitcase with Vashon's finest! (Sorry that you didn't have enough room for the garden gnome or your running shoes). Try the Guatemalan Reserve or the Orca Blend - my two favorites. In case you don't have a sister on the island, The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie can ship its freshest beans to you.
VICR is run by a foundation that protects the growers. They also donate money to charities. See the official website for more details. And if you ever get a chance, a visit to the Roasterie/Coffee Shop is reminiscent of a "Seattle-ish" experience. All around, I like supporting this type of business better than tossing it into the coffers of national coffee types. My taste buds love it too. I promise, it's worth every sip and most definitely good 'til the last drop! 

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Karen said...

I long for a cup of coffee everyday. Especially when I smell it brewing in my kitchen every morning. Even the smell makes me happy!

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