Thursday, August 7, 2008

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Is your "Back to School" bell ringing yet? Retailers seem to treat this season like another holiday and use every opportunity to blast "Back to School" loudly in our ears. Target has the "in" with our school district (and I am sure, others). Pre-order all your supplies and get them delivered right to the classroom complete with a $5 gift card. Whoops, I missed the deadline. Maybe next year. I also discovered a lengthy "Back to School" theme catalog from Toys R Us in the mail. Isn't this a toy store? Ninety percent of the catalog focused on toys not school supplies as the cover had teased. I ended up stopping at two places to get everything on my kindergarten list. Office Max was my first unplanned stop. I was there to buy printer cartridges --  but why not make one trip and get the school supplies thing over with? How much of a price difference can there be anyway - or so I thought?
Of course I ended up going to Target later because Office Max didn't carry the preferred dry erase marker or glue sticks. What a walloping price difference between these back-to-school mongers! I would have saved $3.43 by shopping at Target alone AND this savings was across four items ONLY. Instead, I paid nearly double at Office Max for the very same thing. C'mon! 

Here are my four items:
Elmer's School Glue, 4 oz
Crayolas, 24 ct
Fiskars Kid's Blunt Scissors
Tioconderga Yellow #2 Pencils , 12 ct

Donate supplies this year if you can. Our food shelf is asking for them. Great idea.


Blee said...

Wow..! Really a nice saving on school supplies.

Lana said...

:) thank you for the comment, it brought me to tears for some reason

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