Thursday, September 4, 2008

edible Twin Cities, a Robust Read

The cover of, edible Twin Cities stopped me in my grocery shopping tracks! It said, "Hey co-op shopper, you need to make a pie!" More so the cover just got me excited about fall, pies, photography, colors, design and made me consider getting a cooler apron. The cover of this foodie magazine always features fantastic food photography and the stories inside are just as fulfilling. This Fall issue hits on a topic I recently mentioned in My Good Earth entry, canning. eTC discusses a new generation of food savers in its New Preservationists article. The writer, Zach Hawkins, starts out by sharing his experience of pitting cherries and freezing them for later use in a pie. He juxtaposes the reasons people use to can against its revival. As always eTC's writers are passionate about each topic and personally connected to the writing. 

Another attract for me is the ever-present vintage photograph on the back-inside cover. This time, it's a 1935-Jefferson Junior High School, Minneapolis, "canning project". The four young ladies, clad in full-body white aprons and matching hats, proudly prop-up a select jar of their canned goods along with big smiles. I always appreciate the connection of past and present and the simple credence of an old photograph.

As the story goes, print magazines are losing ground to on-line versions, but I wouldn't even consider reading eTC off of a monitor. I love holding this printed paradise in my hands over a good cup of coffee, slowly turning the pages and dreaming away. I like the way the pages feel and I like the way the photographs lend themselves to the printing and finishing process. I'm guessing that this pub is printed on an 80-pound matte coated stock that makes it more like a special little booklet than a cheap slick. 

Okay, and here's the icing on the cake, I paid nothing for this. I often pick up a copy at Lakewinds Natural Foods or at Gale Woods Farm. Subscriptions are available though - and I certainly won't discourage you from supporting a great publication. In fact, different cities across the country publish their own version. Time to make .. a pie? Instead, how about scones this morning? I'm afraid to be alone with a whole fruit pie today. 

(And one more thing, either this pie is really big, or this woman has a really small waist. If you want to look really thin, I guess ... just make a big pie!)

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Karen said...

Never fear the pie! You bake it and I'll come over and share it with you!

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