Friday, October 31, 2008

Creative Halloween Legacy

I made these fun "boo" bingo boards for E's Kindergarten class party this week. Pick a card and then put your piece of candy corn on the matching square. Yell "Boo" when you have 4 in a row.

E was Paul Bunyan this year. I made this treat bag to accompany his lumberjack costume. Jan carved an ax out of pink insulation (more later on this ...)
For as busy as all of us were this week, we sure kicked out a lot of crafts! I attribute my dedication to home made items to my mother, who always made my sister and me hand made costumes. We challenged her too. Here are just a few of my costumes; strawberry, tomato, head of lettuce, witch, vampire, ghost, bunch of grapes ... I cannot remember what my sister was.

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Karen said...

Your creativity is amazing. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

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