Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Yusuf!

Dear Faraway Nephew, you are always with me. It really is about your eyes and how they connected with me the first time I saw you on the island, over 14 years ago. Your Mom was standing in the driveway waiting for me and I think you were too. You looked at me from a distance, out over her shoulder, eyes large and bright blue, peaking from under a blankie that wrapped around your body and head. I knew you would forever change my world. Your Mom was so busy with your big brother, who was on the brink of two ... and I was so worried that you weren't getting enough attention. Lucky for me, you got to sleep in the room I was in. I scooped you up and put you right next to me on the twin bed for my 10-day visit. It was total Auntie love and has been ever since. (I know .. you have heard this story many times.)

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