Saturday, November 1, 2008

Can it, Sister!

I know, I know. Enough already. I think I did at least seven postings on canning, and you know how I loved my garden this summer too (how many posts there?) ... actually it went right into the fall with the last crop, brussels sprouts. Sadly, the last batch of tomatoes never made it into processing since I was a wee bit busy with finishing some freelance work and then starting a new job. We ate what we could but then ... well, I had to take them to the trash on Oct 30. For me it did feel a little like the music stopped. However, I did my best this year and that is all I can ask. In honor of it all, I thought I'd officially close out the season with a big grateful thank you to the earth, sky, sun, soil, rain and God .. oh yes, and the microorganisms (and Arlene for teaching me to can) for the great food we grew here and for the abundance of veggies from our CSA. I consider the girls above, giving the season one last toast - with their canned delights. I accept my nomination and golden statue of a hot mama in the kitchen and will place it on my mantel between the last Ball canning jars that I almost used.


Karen said...

Great post! What will you do now without your garden and your canning jars? Granola bars? Hot dishes?

Anonymous said...

Dang, there is a lot of domestic goddessery going on here!
I need to up my game. Sandwiches just aren't in the same league as home grown, home canned produce!

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