Friday, March 20, 2009

Grateful Living

I'm heading home this morning on a cold wet road that wraps around the lake and ends up at my favorite bakery. The vast frozen white lake is gripping. I imagine the energy it takes to freeze these vast waters. Her surrounding black velvet trees are softly outlined against the very gray spring sky; the branches, tender and cosmically arranged. I notice that I am filled with high emotions on so many topics. 

Everything touches my heart and arrives as a peaceful knowing. I feel my connection to God, the earth and to all my loved ones. At this moment, and for moments after, I know the things that happen to me are not by chance. So many rich feelings are caravan-ing to me at once that they bump and collide into this current wave ... for which we humans use the word "grateful" to describe.

At home.

1. I am so grateful that it is Spring! (the first day)
2. I am so grateful that I am home today, sipping coffee at my computer with no obligations.
3. I am so grateful that E and I get to go on a real Spring Break trip! Wow! I never thought we'd be the "Spring Break" family ... maybe I too can now write a Christmas letter (kidding).
4. I am grateful for my want of little but my appreciation and adoration of so much, from food to clothing, jewelry and furniture, art and people.
5. I am grateful for my cute little house, full of things and people that I love.
6. I am grateful for a happy child who is perfect the way he is.
7. I am grateful for the "supporters" in my life. Those people who knowingly and unknowingly give me inspiration along the way.
8. I am grateful for the changes I have made in my ways of eating and the new energy I have found in that experience.
9. I am grateful for the constant stream of blessings that come to me.
10. I am grateful for me!!!
11. P.S. While writing this I had to stop and take a call about a new job -- no kidding. Completely unexpected - but "not by chance".

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MuseKaren said...

Beautiful! I want to hear about that phone call!

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