Saturday, November 21, 2009

Inspirations de la Semaine

1. Drawing with E & J in the a.m. (they draw, I blog and drink coffee)
2. Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Louvre Exhibits (I'm going today!)
3. Lucia's stone house in Breton (check out the photos)
4. Frank Gehry's teapot 
5. Living the Dream Farm (the story behind the farm)
6. Coffee. The flavor, not the buzz.
7. Making a necklace. Turning the idea in my head.
8. Dr. Oz video clip on belly fat and sugar.
9. My friend Karen who is a writer!! (YAY!!)
10.Turnip Rock CSA, my extended season share!


@MuseKaren said...

Hi! The writer here :-) Love the post. Inspired me too. Have a great time today at MIA. Will you write about it? Love to read your review.

Cosmic Monkey said...

Nice blog! I love finding good local blogs with similar interests...

khaiti said...

hi sarah- what a cool blog! thanks for linking to my farm, and being such a great lady! I am constantly working on my site. It will just get better and better. I think i'll be coming through town next Sunday if you'd like to hook up for soap delivery!

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