Sunday, November 22, 2009

360 Degrees of Awe

The energy of the ages greeted me after about 10 minutes at The Louvre and the Masterpiece exhibits at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. I was there with the artists who created these works; who studied at Versailles and lived in Paris.

Being. Connecting. Not reading it all. Not trying to remember it. Not worrying if I missed something. The objects' stories penetrated into the now and there was no reason for me to be linear about the experience.

Highlights for me, a long time passion for Jan Vermeer's work was met face-to-face, a George de la Tour painting, unsigned limestone carvings of Christ's head, pencil drawings from an Italian who worked at the Musee Louvre -- and dare I say the extremely well done gift shop that's set up at the exit. Ah, I forgot to mention Ingres! Yes, Ingres too.

Thinking back on yesterday is almost as exciting as being there. I want to go back. When? It was a thrill to have our 6-year old son along. While he might have rather been catching frogs, he too shared in the excitement of being there. He got it.

The Musee Louvre itself has a story of its own, worth learning. Palace to museum - students to artists - curators and visitors.

I saw the Musee Lourve from a distance one time. Why I didn't cross the street to go in .... ? Was I out of money? Was I afraid? No interest? I don't remember. Perhaps I simply wasn't ready to take it on. Yes, that's it. I was not ready ... and I'm no longer waiting in line.

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Girl with a Pearl Earring! I want to go.

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