Monday, November 23, 2009

My Thanksgiving List

My friend Karen at Inspirasana made me realize that there is a lot of peace in making a list. Writing down what you know, even though you might not have done it feels empowering right now. Love this idea. I'm going to do it for Christmas too.

1. Thanksgiving grocery list - Written/Shopper Identified
2. Organic pumpkin puree - Made
3. 4 pie crusts waiting to be baked Weds night - Done
4. Turkey pick-up at the farm - Planned
5. House to clean - Make a List of Specifics
6. Thaw duck
7. Purchase fresh coffee beans at Caribou? Dunn Bros?
8. Make apple & pumpkin pies Weds night
9. Send Birthday stuff
10. Call guests with an arrival time!


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

organic pumpkin puree? Carlos was just joking with me that I should just make my own with all the left over pumpkins but I brushed the idea off as silly - I'm intrigued, tell me more!

@MuseKaren said...


SAS said...

Jen, it's so easy! You just need to buy a PIE pumpkin. They are adorable and sweet. Bake it like a squash. Scoop out the seeds. Save the flesh and puree it. Find your favorite recipe. Mine's here! This recipe has enough left over to make a couple of crustless custard dishes filled with the pie filling! (Great and fairly healthy dessert - esp without the crust). I have some photos on my blog. Thanks for stopping by runner girl!!

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